Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone can promise top SEO rating on Google but only a few really know how to do it!

Hundreds of our clients appear on the first page on Google and some appear first on the first page of Google! Our specialization in design helps our organic SEO. This is our advantage compared to other SEO companies.  We host more than 500 sites and we create powerful exchange links systems that bring you to the first page of Google''s search results. We also add meta tags to each page, publish articles on suitable websites and take many more actions all aimed to bring you, the client, to the top of Google’s results using professional search agent optimization (SEO). The sites we promote remain on the first page of Google for years. We also offer an affordable monthly package that includes web design, hosting, domain management, and search engine optimization. For more information,

Organic SEO

            Hundreds of our clients appear on the first page and some appear first, all at reasonable prices ... PS Check who appears first place when searching Google for web design companies?

Yes, it’s us !!!  SEO

All these words are promoted on Google’s first page due to IBDesign professional SEO:

Some appear first on the first page

Top of the first page: web design company, couples coach, curtain walls, a pediatrician, congenital anomaly counseling, and many other words we promoted organically appear for years as the top result on Google’s first page !!!

Please check us on Google – the results are real !!!

We specialize in professional organic promotion. It all depends first and foremost on keeping track of changes in Google’s spider data. Using extensive professional knowledge of promotion and design, we work in parallel to the leading website promotion companies in Israel in order to provide the client solutions and innovations in this often changing field. We receive advance updates from the U.S.A. and other countries abroad, and work resolutely and thoroughly to achieve the desired outcome - promoting words and phrases to bring the clients to be first in their field.

We send our clients SEO reports twice a month. We are also committed to promote difficult words to Google’s first page. Our specialization in design helps of course organic SEO as we create, exchange links, meta tags, on each page, publish articles on suitable websites and take many more actions, all aimed to bring you, the client, to the top of Google’s results using professional SEO. The sites we have promoted remain on the first page over the years.




Keywords and Effective Website Description

Using the Ibdesign SEO keyword tool, you give your business the chance it deserves to begin to climb those vital rankings. Describing your website both effectively and succinctly helps to deliver the people who should be visiting by letting them know that you deliver the products or services they are searching for. An effective SEO description is vital for any business, so make sure you make yours work hard for you.

Access to HTML Code in Tag

Ibdesign Studio enables you to build websites without any coding experience, but if you still need to make use of some external HTML code, our tools will come in handy. As the Google or Bing webmaster tools get to work, it’s vital that they can access the HTML code embedded in the headline. The terrific Ibdesign package takes care of this for you, allowing you to pass their tests, gain their attention and present your business website, the services you offer and the products you deliver. Yet another reason for making sure you get to work on delivering that powerful message to the waiting world.

301 Redirect Tool

Suppose you owned a physical store and moved to a new location. You would want to place a message on the old building to this effect. But you wouldn’t simply say "store closed"! You’d offer guidance on how to find the new premises. This is the idea behind 301 redirect. Sadly, many businesses simply allow it to say "this page is unavailable". This is of no use to Google webmaster tools and the like as they undertake search engine optimization processes. Use
the Livecity package to leave a powerful and positive message!

Effective Sitemap For Search Engines

When the search engines go to work, it isn’t simply about recognizing HTML codes, search engine optimization words and phrases and the like. They also pay attention, indeed look out for, carefully and professionally constructed sites – like the ones Ibdesign is famous for. They will examine your sitemap, assess website page views – so make sure you are ready to pass their tests.

Robots.txt File

One of the key webmaster tools is in their use of robots.txt files. These provide instructions to the web robots as the scan for SEO and other information about the sites they intend to visit. Therefore, for example, if you have sections of your website that you don’t want available for general public visitation, then the robot knows that it should not visit those pages. These act as a helpful guide as the varmints burrow their way around the site!

Customers’ Recommendations

Irit designed for me an awesome website. She did it so skillfully and diligently. She is a very professional and talented young woman. Highly recommend.


When my business consultant, Israel Topper, suggested Irit to promote my website, I was apprehensive after being very disappointed with “websites promotion companies” in the past.


When I first met Irit I was impressed. Today I recommend her to everyone. She is an amazing woman who does wonderful work. She is serious and fast. She designed my website the best way possible, making it accessible and easy. I have no words except – Irit, many thanks; I respectfully salute you for your work.


Dear Irit! I wish to thank you for the amazing website you have built for us, for your endless work and unique diligence!!! Love, Shani


Irit did and continues to do an amazing job! Actions and adjustments are done at

lightning speed. She is full of bright ideas that help marketing the website.


Thanks for everything!!!

Samuel Tenzer – Dentist



Must commend the professional and serious work as well as the personal care I received that followed by exceptional results. She is simply amazing, highly recommended.

Ezra Assets



Charming Irit was recommended to us and now we understand why. She is highly talented, devoted to her work, and gives the best possible service. Thank you for your unlimited support and help at every stage.

Best of luck

A.L. Chacham Ltd.




I met Irit after my consultant warmly recommended her. I met an amazing young woman, with an amazing personality. She is uncompromisingly professional and knows her profession well. She created an amazing landing page! Highly recommended!!!


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