Avi Siboni

Marketing Specialist

owener at digital agency organic Marketing Specialist 2008-2018 ppc google sales marketing Working with large companies with high budgets

Name: Avi Siboni

Date of Birth: 07/09/1981

Nie – y-5771436-z

34625742738 Mobile Phone Number: 


General owner at digital agency Organic 

Marketing Specialist 

2008-2018   PPC google sales marketing Working with large companies with high budgets

Working under pressure

Manage multiple clients at the same time

Israeli market US Market Europe

Full control of the AdWords system

Create advertising campaigns

Management of 5 employees in various departments

Management and Sales in US Washington, USA


Coordinator role includes working arrangements of the 10 employees working tracks transportation and storage costs and dealing with suppliers and business customers.

Working as an independent (electrician) in Florida USA  2004 2003

Installation of electrical systems in businesses and private homes in a family business.

Responsible for packaging Kibbutz Yahel a  2003-2002

Responsible for foreign staff (Staff packaging), including receiving shipments from the field to dispatch products to the global market.

12 years of schooling,

Hebrew University of Jerusalem academic

Water practical engineer at Rapping College

BA in environmental studies at the University of Haifa


Hebrew speaker, high-level English writing and reading

Spanish level orientation

More details:

Car license holder, a tractor, a truck, a mobile machine

A technical background in operating tools, full control computer applications

RPD qualified installer, for example water certified by the Ministry of Health also willing relocation depending on the nature of work

Recommendations will be given in writing at the request of the employer

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