We have different prices depending on the type of Website and the type of digital Promotion package. Please check the service you are interested in

SEO Services


1 Month SEO Services 30 key words

We provide 30 keywords from the first page on Google, website optimization for search engine friendliness and/or faster load time, search engine and web directory submissions, automatic link check and corrections, and emails marketing.




Hosting per year + Free Domain

The website will be hosted on secure servers. These servers are checked by the development team 24 hours a day; the website will be 100% secure from hackers.




Promotion Package: 1 Month Google Map SEO + SEO Service 25 Keywords +PPC managing campaign

Promotion Package: 1 Month Google Map SEO + SEO Service 25 Keywords +ppc




Link building collaboration

We have a good number of relevant Quality Sites, where We can help you build Guest Post-Blog Post Links, which help you get good Domain Authority and Rank High in Google and other Search Engines. we will send you the list per request - 300$ for 600 links paid every 6 months



Design Services


Website design and SEO Preparation 50 pages and free Logo .

50 + - pages of web design includes SEO Preparation in the best back office available. The design of a website is an excellent marketing device to introduce the company worldwide. Irit designs each company’s branding via the website, including a new logo design if necessary and unique colors to each company. Ibdesign has built quality image sites, advanced content management sites, portal sites and online store sites, including sale websites to the largest companies in the world. Combination of high-level design and Organic SEO = First page appearance in Google searches leading to increased marketing and sales! And similar results in the form of sales!




Additional language to the Website

Need a way to create a multi language website? We live in a multilingual world, so offering your website in multiple languages is a great way to make it more user-friendly and connect with new audiences. We can do it for you in a perfect and very not expensive way ways please check our sites !!! Creating a multi language website is easy and Fun We will let you not only create a great-looking website, but also translate every element, from the text to the images, into different languages. !!!




Website Maintenance (monthly)

Provided on-going website maintenance updated existing contents & graphics such as special offers, product changes, pricing changes, new product and services announcements and more. Starts at




Logo design & Branding

Get a custom logo design for your company in reasonable prices. Proper and competent branding begins with a well-conceived logo. We specialize in brand positioning and messaging to logo design and corporate identity.



Digital Marketing


FB Business page managing and Creating Facebook Marketing Campaigns - 2 Months Deal

1. FB Business page managing 2. Creating Facebook Marketing Campaigns Monthly Social media strategy/management (Facebook) implementation of weekly posts FB Business page managing and Creating Facebook Marketing Campaigns - 2 Months Deal




Monthly pay-per-click advertising

We are checking your campaign every day making sure you are not losing money and your ads are getting to the right future clients- We care that you wont loose even one dollar and we work 24-7 to serve you ! We live where we work. Our unique approach includes in-person meetings to better understand you, your business and to develop a winning Google Ads strategy. Unable to meet in person? Not a problem! Phone & Video conferences are always available to businesses. Pay-per-click marketing is a way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks to your website, rather than “earning” those clicks organically. We have 15 years of experience building and managing Pay-per-click campaigns.* The above package does not include Google ad spend, recurring memberships, and social media ads.



Google Map SEO


Monthly Google Maps Maintenance and SEO ,(Weekly Posts, 500 Links and 50 Reviews)

24-7 Services, our commitment is to make google maps maintenance a simple, stress-free experience. Monthly Google Maps Maintenance and SEO ,(Weekly Posts, 500 Links and 50 Reviews). We provide personalized custom service, and our multi-step quality control process ensures detail attention of your Google map.