SEO Work content:

1. Adding the website to dozens of indexes in the major search engines in the word.
2. Including the website to Ibdesign links exchange program. More than 500 real web sites!
3. Submitting Sitemap to Google + site verification every two months.
4. Adding keywords and different descriptions to each page.
5. Writing Titles, H1 codes and adjusting web pages with search (key) words.
6.. Building a links system and exchanging links between websites related to the field.
7.. Connecting the website to Google Analytics’ system to examine advanced statistics.
8.. Instructional session with the client (you) regarding data validation and statistical testing.
9. SEO ranking Reports Every 2 weeks using up-to-date software.
11. Adding external links to Facebook solely from your account.
12. Working and creating a Google Maps in your area.
13. Sending a keywords report every month.
14. Adding Articles and posts to your site and to sites who has links to your site .

SEO tasks  imageSEO tasks  image