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Web Hosting
Site maintenance, storage, purchase and management of domain name

1. The website will be stored for the period of one year from the date of uploading the website onto the Internet. Each year the website storage will automatically be renewed.

2.This includes reviewing the website throughout the year and email technical support in case technical problems occur. Irit Blumenthal will provide this service.

3.The storage includes a domain name for one year and 5 email boxes. We provide 1 GB of management software memory for unlimited pages.

4. It is the client’s responsibility to renew the domain name and the storage of the website each year. This renewal requires a periodic fee.

5.Warranty is given to the site’s stability, the servers are checked daily and the management software is updated at Google’s request.

6.In case the client will want to transfer to a different company, it is possible to find a company that works with the same management software and transfer the management to the chosen company. It is also possible to build the website again using a another software, and transfer the design to a different management software. A management software website programmed in dynamic code cannot be transferred as is but has to be rebuild using a different program.
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Ibdesign Exclusive Management Software:

In addition to unlimited amount of pages, the site will include modifiable advanced forms, registered members’ area, mailboxes, forum, guest-book, user login, events, YouTube movies, connection to Facebook, site search - by activity fields, creating a feedback for each page, unlimited photo galleries, an option for each client to add galleries, blog, webmail enabling to enter emails through the site, optional online store, option to create tables, exporting Excel tables onto the site, uploading PDF files, Mp3 music files, adding calendar and adding articles written by clients, including comments from readers after review and approval of the site’s webmaster.