PPC Campaign  Setting and Management

Building and executing an effective and successful PPC campaign- Setting up a PPC campaign on Google including Remarketing, Banners, Videos, and Ads. PPC campaign management is about getting the most out of your PPC campaigns. This includes making sure they're set up correctly, optimizing them effectively, and adjusting your campaigns when necessary.


PPC Campaign

Setting up a PPC campaign on Google and Facebook including:

1.Keyword research and market status for each niche. 

2. Negative keyword optimization and removal.

3. Creating Remarketing banners and ads.

4. Building and improving landing pages.

5. Building animations banners  for Remarketing

6. Managing the campaign on a daily basis

7. Building advanced animations adjusted and vary according to the advertising budget

8. Optimized sponsored advertising

9. Sponsored advertising including campaign building

10. It takes three months until the campaign reaches full optimization